About Us

No problem we can’t solve or design we can’t create!

Curbs Gone Wild is a Market Leader in MD and VA. We are family-owned and operated with a combined more than 70 years of experience. Each job is different and we strive for design flexibility, a fast, clean, one-day installation that saves you time, money, and trouble.

Curbs Gone Wild is beautifying yards in your neighborhood and surrounding area. We are in the service business and we install continuous decorative concrete landscape curbing.

If you do not already have concrete or brick curbing to prevent your lawn from taking over your flowerbeds, you will need Curbs Gone Wild sooner or later. Our “creative” concrete borders add a definite “edge” to landscapes that make them beautifully stand out above the others

Not Just an Ordinary Landscape

Take the first step in beautifying your number one investment and create definitive borders that keep mulch where mulch should be and keep grass from creeping into the flower beds.

Why We're Different

Extensive Preparation,
Expert Precision

Combined Industry Experience for Over 70 Years

Custom Mix Design for Maximum Durability