Our Silver Package is the starting point for our curbing. It is priced solely on the color of the concrete you choose for your yard. It is our most basic from an aesthetic point of view, as it has no texturing or stamp patterns. However it provides all the benefits of curbing that you want, but is easier on the budget.


Our Gold Package allows you to create something unique for you and your home. This package allows us to produce various patterns on the surface of the curbing that mimic stone or brick. There are many designs and patterns to choose from. In this package you can choose a base color for the concrete, a separate color for your texture if desired and a different color for your stamp impression giving you a multitude of options. And of course we can help you in the decision of the right colors and stamp patterns based on our years of experience and the colors of your home.


Our Platinum Package is simply amazing! We use a proprietary process when stamping the concrete to give it the real life look and textures of rock. We don’t stop there though, once stamped, we then carve out areas of the curbing to make it look like actual stones are be laid and mortared together. We add multiple colors on top of the base to give a variation of colors through out the curbing.

In all our packages we use the same high quality materials with variations in mix design to give you the absolute best product possible. So whether you chose the basic silver package or one that gives you more details and flexibility, know that you are getting the highest quality product in all packages.