Are you tired of your bordering blocks or rocks falling over and weeds growing in-between? Are you tired of constantly reinstalling your plastic edging that isn’t very appealing in the first place? Has your wooden borders or railroad ties rotted or faded? If not they will.

Isn’t it time you called Curbs Gone Wild to help you make your yard the envy of the neighborhood? With our extensive experience installing continuous concrete borders, we can remove your current borders and install a beautiful product that reduces your yard maintenance. Our borders give a definitive separation between your lawn and flower beds while stopping the grass encroaching into the flower beds or mulch pushing out into your yard. All the benefits will be your secret though, because your neighbors only know how beautiful and finished your yard looks. The design possibilities are near limitless, so we can border your current beds or create an entirely new look. Once your design is created then we can help you determine the best colors and patterns to highlight your landscaping.

Do you need to get approval for install from your Home Owners Asscociaion? No worries, we have not been turned down in 19 years.

Driveways & Sidewalk borders

Just as easy as we can create newly designed flower beds, we can precisely border your concrete walkway or driveway to stop mulch or gravel overflow. In addition we can create walkway outlines with our borders for gravel and stepping stones at a fraction of the cost for concrete or pavers. Bottom line is Curbs Gone Wild will save you time, money and trouble with your landscape maintenance while looking amazing.


Water runoff and pooling can be a headache, dangerous and destructive over time, if left unattended. Function and design do not always easily come together. However, we can offer a water runoff management solution 90% of the time that helps you out while looking beautiful and saving you money. We also build custom downspout splash blocks that are integrated into the curbing, but can also be stand alone to help with water control. We have developed many techniques to help with water management over the years and are sure we can help with your needs.